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Copper Compound Consortium

2010 Registrations

The following copper compounds were successfully registered in 2010:

 Compound EC Number CAS Number Lead Registrant
 Copper sulphate 231-847-6 7758-98-7; 7758-99-8 Manica SpA
 Copper oxide 215-269-1 1317-38-0 Regulatory Compliance Limited
 Dicopper oxide 215-270-7 1317-39-1 Nordox AS
 Basic copper carbonate 235-113-6 12069-69-1 Spiess Urania GmbH
 Copper chloride 231-842-9 7758-89-6 Bardyke Chemicals Limited

Information on copper compounds with 2013 and 2018 registration deadlines will be provided in due course.

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