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Copper Compound Consortium



The REACH Copper Compound Consortium was formed in October 2008 for the sole purpose of assisting industry to comply with the requirements of REACH.  Its Members include European manufacturers, Non-EU manufacturers (or their Only Representatives) and EU importers and their respective affiliates.  The Consortium also works closely with the European Copper Institute who manage the REACH Copper Consortium.

There are 32 members of the REACH Copper Compound Consortium.  The objectives of the Consortium are to:  


    • Allow industry to speak with one voice on all REACH issues that involve the copper compound industry.

    • Fulfil the requirements of REACH in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

    • Liaise closely with the European Copper Institute to ensure data sharing and risk assessment methodologies and strategies are managed and co-ordinated.

    • Ensure that all company sensitive data are handled in a confidential manner.


The Copper Compound Consortium is committed to compiling and assessing all relevant existing studies and data necessary to prepare the Registration Dossiers for copper compounds and will assist all Lead Registrants in collecting information from SIEF and Consortium members, as well as sources outside the SIEFs.

The Consortium’s primary source of scientific data is the Voluntary Risk Assessment for copper metal, copper oxide, dicopper oxide, copper sulphate pentahydrate and copper oxychloride.  This comprehensive project, managed by the European Copper Institute, was carried out between 2000 and 2008.  The Copper Compound Consortium is now working to develop read-across approaches, develop hazard classification and labelling proposals, identify downstream uses and exposure scenarios required to prepare the Chemical Safety Reports.

 If you want to register your Company’s interest in the activities of this Consortium please complete the attached questionnaire and email it to the Secretariat at CCC@regcs.co.uk.   Alternatively, contact us using the form provided.




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